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Clean and Ready for You.

Living on an island is not without it's challenges but it also comes with some pretty nice perks.  In addition to the sun and terrific weather, our borders are less porous which we feel gives us a significant advantage in the fight to reduce the threat of COVID-19. Governor Albert Bryan has issued a mandate requiring ALL guests arriving to the territory to provide proof of a Negative COVID-19 test or self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.  In addition to these steps, here are some extra efforts we are taking to ensure that we are doing our part to protect the health and safety of our guests, club members and neighbors.

  1. All passengers, 5 years of age or older, traveling by air or sea, including those in transit, must use to receive certification prior to travel TO the US Virgin Islands. Note:  The new CDC COVID-19 travel requirements DO NOT apply to persons traveling directly from the US Virgin Islands to the US Mainland.

  2. Hotel guests who scheduled their reservations directly from may reschedule their hotel reservations for a later date if they cannot complete a current reservation within 3 weeks of their arrival date and we plan to extend this policy as needed until the crisis ends.

  3. Masks are required for guests and employees while moving about on property.  Masks can only be removed in guest rooms and while seated on the beach or in the restaurant and spa and pool and must be replaced when you get up to walk around.

  4. Guests are not allowed to sit at the bar.  Additionally no food nor drinks may be served directly at the bar.  Guests must be seated in order to receive service.

  5. ALL Fred Employees have been thoroughly trained on the latest/greatest sanitization policies and techniques to keep our guests safe.

  6. We check all employee temperatures before each shift AND perform a temperature check of all arriving guests at the front desk for hotel check-ins, at the host stand for our restaurant & bar patrons and upon guest arrival to the Spa.

  7. Our entire facility is treated twice daily with an advanced sanitation and disinfectant solution approved by the EPA to kill and provide residual protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses including COVID-19. 

  8. Employees (and guests) are encouraged to wash hands often, avoid touching their faces, cough into a facial tissue or the elbow of a sleeve or cover a cough with their hand and then wash hands immediately before touching anything.

  9. We've reduced the amount of available seating throughout the resort for guests in order to easily promote social distancing. 

  10. Eat With Fred has a commercial grade, high temperature dishwashing system which has been approved by the VI Health Department to meet it's stringent requirements for all servingware, plates and flatware.  Alternatively, guests are allowed to use their own plates and silverware and if they prefer we will be happy to serve you in our biodegradable/compostable To Go Ware.

  11. We have implemented touch-free menus at all of our tables with scannable QR codes so guests can read menus on their smartphones. 

  12. Groups and events have been limited to 50 people or less per designated serving area.

  13. Restaurant guests are limited to 6 people or less per table.

  14. We have a touchless hand washing station in our public restrooms.

  15. Facial Tissues are available throughout the resort and we have plenty of toilet paper.  ;-)

  16. All Spa Employees must wear a face mask and gloves while working with guests in our treatment room.

  17. Social Distancing reminders and messaging have been added to all TV monitors throughout the resort.

  18. Nearly ALL public spaces at The Fred are located outdoors in our wide-open, courtyard with plenty of fresh air and Caribbean sunshine. 

  19. Implementation of a liberal leave policy on a first come, first served basis (based on customer demand) for all employees who wish to self quarantine.

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